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 開催概要  Summary
空想のアジア The Imaginary Asia
ミャンマー映画祭 Myanmar Cinema Festival
現実のアジア The Real Asia
日本初の本格的ミャンマー映画祭(「ミャンマー映画祭」)を開催します。 We are pleased to announce “The Myanmar Cinema Festival”, the official Myanmar Cinema Festival.

Myanmar is located at the crossroads of India and China, the two great cultures. This country is also next to Thailand, and faces the large Indian Ocean.
Today, Myanmar is the most mysterious country in the world, virtually unknown to the outside world.

息を呑むような美しさと魅力ある国は、今でもなおこのように現代世界に残されています。何気なく訪れた人は、それゆえに何を感じとるのでしょうか、そしてなぜそのような旅に乗り出すのでしょうか。 This breathtakingly beautiful and charming country still survives. What do the people who casually visit there feel about it? And why do they take a journey like this?



You can enjoy traditional Asian pleasures in Myanmar, one of the most charming of countries.
The uncultivated jungle, the unknown snowy mountains of the Himalayas, and the untouched beaches facing the Andaman Sea have had a rich and solemn cultural heritage for over 2,000 years.
Today, 135  races still live in the amazing remains and ancient cities, their lives are full of culture.



Also, Myanmar has one of the lowest levels of crime in all the countries in the world.

Many cultural features ? buildings, music, pictures, and classic plays ? have been inherited from long ago, and even in the 21st Century, the magnificent pagodas, that were built over 2,000 years ago, overwhelm visiting people.


Now, we will present this country’s cinematic achievements - “The 1st Myanmar Cinema Festival”.

It is a matter of great significance for the improvement of international understanding and cultural exchange to show these films.


The concept of the cinema festival is to show Myanmar as it is today. We selected these films to show you the way real life goes on in Myanmar, through the stories about people’s lives in the city and the countryside, the economy and business activities, schools, family life and life of women. These films contain many sociological and anthropological points of interest.


Volunteers Wanted



The Executive Committee of the third Myanmar Cinema Festival is composed of people who have volunteered their time to create this festival.
This is not the profit?making event, ether for the film industry in Japan or in Myanmar

The organizer is a private group interested in promoting international exchange.

We will welcome additional volunteers at any time.

手伝っていただける方の参加をお待ちしています。 We would welcome to your help in the following areas :.









・Staff to prepare the brochure

・Public information/advertising staff

・A chief negotiator for the support company / the support group
・Administration worker / manager

URGENTLY NEEDED : People who can input sub-titles (inexperienced people can be accepted if you are interested in this job) 

・The terms : There’s no age restriction.

・No pay. But the transportation expenses are paid - there is a limit of 15,000 yen per month. 

Please call or e-mail to the address below.

Let’s negotiate and decide your working day or time.

〒134-0087 東京都江戸川区清新町1-2-2-201

The Executive Committee of the Myanmar Cinema Festival
1-2-2-201, Seishin-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.134-0087

Myanmar Cinema Festival
Yangon Office
No 31 Thukha Villa
Parami Road, Yankin Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Telephone No.  (01) 660730